Color Tattoos

Watercolor, traditional, realism, and more. Color tattoos are vibrant and beautiful and my knowledge of color theory and use of color will ensure a piece of art that will be gorgeous for years.

For every black and grey customer there is a colorful one, and they want nothing more than for their tattoo to make a statement.

You have likely already begun looking at fine art, New School, Old School Traditional, and other styles. Whether it is a full sleeve filled with mermaids, oceans and shells, or a simple heart tattoo that is vibrant and full of colorful red ink, I can give you a color tattoo that will be vibrant for a lifetime.

When scoping out color tattoo portfolios, be sure to check out healed tattoos. Are the images blurry, the color bland or faded? Be wary! Did the artist design a piece with such purposeful details that even now it looks bold and brilliant? That the artist you want!

Base your decision on the portfolio, experience of your artist, and when possible, their reputation. Any skilled artist should have a few years of mentoring under their belt so find out who taught them their skills and then research THAT artist and their fundamental teachings.