Mr. G's Skin Art

My name is Mike and I was raised in Los Angeles, California. I'm a professional tattoo artist with over a decade of expierience, but have been exposed to body art for over 15 years. My peeps know me better as "Big Mike", and black and grey tattoos are my specialty. Whenever you're in the market for body art; shop around, observe the tattoo artist's portfolios, personality and most importantly the price you pay has to match the quality of the tattoo.

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Mr. G - Las Vegas Tattoo Artist

There are so many tattoo studios in Las Vegas and locals know that where you get the very best prices and quality tattoos are the local's shops. It's just a matter of the artist's reputation and style. I was the owner and founder of VEGAS SKIN ART LLC for a couple of years. I have tattooed many popular local artists and producers in Las Vegas with help of good people i.e. music artists, producers, lowrider car clubs, popular radio DJs and loyal clients. Ask them and they will tell you where to go for your next tattoo and unmatched customer service.