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My name is Mike and I was raised in Los Angeles, California. I'm a professional tattoo artist with over a decade of experience, but have been exposed to body art for over 15 years. My peeps know me better as ``Big Mike``, and black and grey tattoos are my specialty. Whenever you're in the market for body art; shop around, observe the tattoo artist's portfolios, personality and most importantly the price you pay has to match the quality of the tattoo.
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Custom Tattoos

Have an idea but don’t know what you want it to look like exactly? We can work together to see your vision come to life. Getting a tattoo is...


Color Tattoos

Watercolor, traditional, realism, and more. Color tattoos are vibrant and beautiful and my knowledge of color theory and use of color will ensure...


Black & Gray

Using only black and shades of gray, this tattoo style is versatile and bold. Black &gray tattoos are what I learned first and where my...


Script Tattoos

I have done hundreds of script tattoos and have even perfected my own style of script. Whether it’s a family name, name of a loved one, or...


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what clients say about me

Allen L.

Mr. G has been my artists for almost a decade now. I have 6 tattoos by him and love them all. Mr. G is easily one of the best tattoo artists in Las Vegas!

Allen L.
Denise Z.

Wow. All I can say is wow! My tattoo is perfect, and he used a special tattoo machine that hurts less than any other tattoo I have every gotten. I am so glad I found Mr. G!

Amelia JonesCA
Mike T.

I gave G a design I had drawn myself and he tattoo'd it exactly as I drew it. He even had a couple suggestions to make the tattoo bolder and last longer, and man am I glad I took his advice! It has been a couple years and it still looks new. Definitely check this guy out!

Peter JacksonTX
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